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Street Smart

What is Street Smart NJ?

Street Smart NJ is a statewide public education, awareness and behavioral change campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of motorist and pedestrian laws and change the behaviors that lead to pedestrian and cyclist crashes and fatalities. Street Smart NJ is coordinated by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and is a collaborative effort between public, private and non-profit organizations.

GMTMA is working to spread the campaign further by providing technical assistance to municipalities in Mercer and Ocean County to implement their own campaign. GMTMA’s initial campaign will take place in Princeton in the Fall 2016. GMTMA will be looking for other interested communities to implement campaigns in 2017.

Why New Jersey?

The Federal Highway Administration has identified New Jersey as a pedestrian “focus” state due to a high incidence of pedestrian injuries and fatalities. From 2009-2013, 697 pedestrians were killed and more than 22,000 injured on New Jersey’s roadways. On an annual basis, nearly 6,000 pedestrians are injured and 139 killed in motor vehicle crashes statewide. New Jersey’s pedestrian fatality rate (24.3 percent in 2013) is nearly double the national average (14 percent.)

What are the campaign goals?

  • Change pedestrian and motorist behavior in order to reduce the incidence of pedestrian injuries and fatalities on New Jersey’s roadways.
  • Educate motorists and pedestrians about their roles and responsibilities for safely sharing the road.
  • Increase enforcement of pedestrian safety laws and roadway users’ awareness of that effort.

What is the campaign message?

The Street Smart Campaign focuses on these tips/laws correlate to existing traffic signage – speed signs, stop signs, traffic signals, and crosswalks:
  1. Obey Speed Limits
  2. Stop for Pedestrians
  3. Wait for the Walk
  4. Use Crosswalks
  5. Heads Up, Phones Down

The “Vital Signs” message was developed to connect these lifesaving signs to pedestrian safety. The headline “Check Your Vital Signs” is designed to encourage both drivers and pedestrians to pay attention and adhere to posted signage, which will make travel safer for all roadway users.

How does a municipality implement a Street Smart Campaign?

If you are interested in learning more about the Street Smart campaign or would like to implement a campaign in your community, contact Cheryl Kastrenakes.

The implementation of a typical campaign occurs over a four to six week period. The municipality should allow several months to effectively plan the campaign. GMTMA can serve as the lead organization for the campaign working with a committee of stakeholders such as the police, public health, schools, pedestrian/bicycle groups, and elected officials. Marketing, street level outreach and law enforcement efforts are all part of the campaign.

A Street Smart campaign disseminates the Street Smart message and educational information working in coordination with the media, elected officials, business community and through social media outlets, including:
  • Outdoor advertising (bus, rail, stationary/mobile billboards, airplane banners)
  • Radio Public Service Announcements
  • Internet advertising
  • Outreach materials (street signage, posters, tip cards, tent cards, banners, op-eds, church bulletin messages, e-blasts)
  • Promotional materials distributed by local businesses
  • Website ( and social media (Facebook, Twitter)
GMTMA is participating in Street Smart New Jersey in Partnership with:
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