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Walking School Bus

Did you know that in
1969 half of all children
walked or biked to school?
Today fewer than 15% walk or bike to school and over half arrive by private automobile. As much as 20-30% of morning traffic can generated by parents driving their children to school. During this time period the number of overweight children increased by 65%.

What is a Walking School Bus?
Actually, there is no bus at all. Parents walking children to and from school become the walking school bus.

It can be as simple as two families taking turns walking their children to school or as formal as a structured route with a timetable, designated stops and assigned adult volunteers.

The organization of each walking school bus is really up to the participants of each bus. What's important is to simply start moving and help our children discover that their journey to school can start with their own feet.

Get Information
For more information on developing a walking school bus program at your school please contact the Greater Mercer TMA office at 609-452-1491 or E-mail us at

View our Walking School Bus brochure here.
Why set up a Walking School Bus?
For the children:
  • It's fun and social
  • Contributes to good health and fitness
  • Learn pedestrian safety
  • Learn more about their neighborhood
  • Promotes independence
  • Arrive at school alert and ready to learn
For the parents:
  • It's fun and social
  • Contributes to good health and fitness
  • It's economical
  • "Time-Off" for parents sharing the walking duties
For the community and school:
  • Less traffic around school and in neighborhoods
  • Car exhaust is reduced
  • Creates a sense of community
  • Crimes are less likely to happen when people are outside
How to set up a Walking School Bus?
Start your day by fueling it with enthusiastic parent volunteers and the follow these steps:
  1. Find some neighbors to walk together.
  2. Decide on a safe walking route and be sure that it is tested by adults.
  3. Decide as a group how often the walking school bus will walk together and determine a schedule for the adult "drivers of the bus."
  4. Adult "drivers" pick up children at designated stops or at their home along the route. Reverse the procedure on the way home.
  5. Enjoy the walk!

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