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Walking School Bus App

What is a Walking School Bus?
Parents walking children to and from school are a walking school bus.
Why set up a Walking School Bus?
Walking contributes to overall good health and fitness and students who walk to school arrive at school alert and ready to learn. A walking school bus adds in a fun and social aspect to walking as well as flexibility for the parents by sharing the walking duties.
How can the New Jersey Walking School Bus app help our family walk more often to school?
The app allows parents to easily create and plan walks to and from school. Parents can search by elementary school for existing walking groups, create walking groups and invite neighbors to join, plan walks to and from school, assign parent leaders to walk with students, group text within the app, and alert parents when students have arrived safely at school!
Where do I get the app?
Just search for the New Jersey Walking School Bus App in the app store and download. It’s available for Android and IOS.
How do I get started?
Easy to navigate screens on the app make it easy to get started!
  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign-up
  3. Search for an existing walking group at your child’s elementary school or start your own group.
  4. Create new walks or join existing walks.
  5. Start walking with friends and neighbors.
It really is that easy!
Can anyone sign up to join a group?
Only parents with a child(ren) who will be part of the walking school bus can participate.
If I sign up and join a group, am I committing to walk to school every day?
No. You can choose to have your child walk every day or on selected days of the week. Every group has at least one parent leader for each walk…so your child may walk every day while you may choose to walk only occasionally or not at all. Each group plans a walk schedule that works best for them.
What if we are running late and my child can’t be on a scheduled walk?
Features such as in app group messaging make it easy to let the other members know if your child is running late and won’t be able to meet up for the day’s planned walk.
How do I know my child arrived safely to school?
The designated group leader for the walk simply presses the walk completed button in the app and a notification is sent to the parents of children on the walk! Only the person designated as the leader of the walk has access to this feature.
Are there any other special features in the app?
The app calculates the calories burned and CO2 emissions reduced for each walker, group and school!

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