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Community Education Programs and Services

Let Greater Mercer TMA help your community with programs that improve safety, mobility and sustainability.

Young Lungs at Work: Anti-idling education program
A fun, educational anti-idling program available for students in grades K-6 in a classroom or afterschool activity setting (Scouts, 4-H, etc.). Young Lungs at Work teaches kids about vehicle idling and why it is bad for the environment and our health, asthma, ridesharing, and how all air pollution affects our well-being. By the end of the program, children will understand what vehicle idling is and why it is harmful. They will also know simple actions they can take to make a difference.

Travel Training
GMTMA provides instruction to senior citizens and inexperienced transit users on how to use public transit in Mercer County.

Walking School Bus
Our Safe Routes to School coordinator can provide guidance on setting up a walking school bus in your neighborhood.

Bike Safety
GMTMA has information and safety tips for bicyclists of all ages and can provide onsite bike safety education programs for schools and camp programs.

Pedestrian Safety
GMTMA has information and safety tips for pedestrians of all ages and can provide onsite pedestrian safety education programs to seniors and students.

Walkability Audits
We can help your community do a walkability audit and identify concerns for pedestrians related to the safety, access, comfort and convenience of the walking environment. An audit can also help identify potential solutions such as engineering treatments, policy changes or education and enforcement measures.

For more information on our programs, call us at 609-452-1491 or click here to send an email.