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Carpooling—Share the Ride and Save

You can save hundreds of dollars every year in commuting expenses by simply carpooling with others who work and live near you. Besides spending less on gas you will be reducing wear and tear on your car and put fewer miles on your vehicle (especially nice if you lease). Plus you will be helping to reduce traffic and improve air quality!

Looking for a Carpool?
If you work in Mercer County, Princeton Forrestal Center, Montgomery Township or Ocean County, Greater Mercer TMA can get you on your way. You can be a driver or a passenger or both! Use the online application to get started.

We will work to find you a match and will send you a list of names of commuters who live and work near you and have similar schedules.

Check out our classifieds and see if you can find a carpool partner.

View our Carpool Brochure.

Emergency Ride Home Program
Greater Mercer TMA’s Emergency Ride Home program gives registered carpoolers a free lift home if they have to leave early or stay late at work. Click here to register.
Green Commuter Rewards Program
You can save money commuting AND put money back in your pocket with the Green Commuter Rewards program. Green Commuter Rewards offers carpoolers rebates for online purchases. With Green Commuter Rewards you’ll have access to over 1000 online stores that offers discounts and rebates for purchases. For more information, click here.